Pre/Post Employment Screening

The MISSION of the company is to be the right partner for the client by helping them eliminate & reduce Reputation risk, financial risk & Legal risk arising out of fraudulent employees through robust Screening and Verification process.

Findings have proved that in India 15 - 24 % of resumes are fake.
1 in 3 CVs misinterprets facts.
Close to 24 % CVs have forged documents.

(Source KPMG India Fraud Survey 2006)

Investigations by Indian intelligence and law enforcement authorities into recent incidents of financial misappropriation by staff of technology companies have revealed that most India based IT and BPO companies are culpable of inadequate background screening initiatives. These lapses arise principally out of the hiring pressures in this industry where quality and diligence often take a back seat.

Able Mind Consulting does not rely on public Indian databases or public sources to establish the credentials of a potential hire. In the absence of an equivalent of a Social Security Number, a majority of Indian nationals are generally not easily traceable. Only 2.6% of the population are tax payers due to the all pervasive tax evasion culture of the country which is in stark contrast to the demographics of more developed countries.

There are organized rackets for passports, election identity cards and driving licenses that make identity and address verification a significant challenges Able Mind Consulting therefore employs physical verification where essential.

Know the next person you hire...

Experience has taught many major corporations that if they had objectively and comprehensively screened candidates prior to employment, the following malpractices may have been avoided:

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Theft of proprietary information

  • Contravention of corporate compliance issues

  • Corporate fraud

  • Anti-social behavior in the workplace

Specialist investigation services may be required if the findings of an employment screening check indicate the need for greater scrutiny.


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