Brand Protection

Successful brands are being counterfeited and sold on an unprecedented scale around the globe. Counterfeit products account for approximately 8 percent of world trade - an incredible $250 billion dollars a year. Counterfeiting syndicates often include individuals who are connected with the brand owner.

We support a considered approach to counterfeiting issues and trademark infringements. Thorough investigation and a detailed knowledge of local enforcement policies and organizations are essential to achieving success.

For Protection & enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, Patents & Trademarks we recommend following programme.

Security Programme to protect the owner’s intellectual property:

  • Market Review

  • Assess the scale of the problem

  • Employee Integrity and Screening Programme

  • Licensee Compliance Audit

  • Identify the illegitimate operations and people involved

  • collect the evidence upon which to establish a case

  • Take effective enforcement action to close down illegal operations

  • Development of pro-active measures to prevent / mitigate the re-emergence of such operations

Combined with enforcement action it is recommended that a proactive monitoring programme be established. This combines market surveys and product intelligence on national level. The information obtained will allow Able Mind consulting experts to analyze and advise the client on strategic solutions.